Friday, June 5, 2009

Wireless Network

In a wireless connection each computer has a wireless network adapter. They connect by sending out ratio waves using a transceiver.

transceiver- A device that can be both transmit and receive signals on local networks( LANs) a transceiver is the device that connect a computer to the network and that converts signals to and from parallel and serial form.

Wireless networking is a way to connect computer or other devices, either in your home or across long distances, using infrared light or radio frequency signals. Devices commonly used for Wireless networking include desktop and laptop computer, hand -held computers, personal digital assistants ( PDAs) , mobile phones, pen based computers, and pagers.

Wireless networking is useful in many situations. For example: If you are travel with a laptop computer you can connect t the internet through wireless access points installed in airports, hotels and other public locations. You can also synchronize data and transfer files between two computers or between a computer and another device.

Wireless local area networks ( WLANs) are often used in corporate or campus buildings, or in airports. WLANs are also used in home or small office networks. there are two types of WLAN.

* A local area network that uses access points to connect computers and devices on the network. This is also called an infrastructure netwok.

* A computer - to- computer local area network ( also called an ad hoc network) with several users in a limited area, such as a conference room. This type of network does not use an access point.

When your computer is in range of a wireless networks Windos XP sends you a message, which appears in the notification area on your screen. You can click the message to see a list of wireless networks and then select a wireless network to connect to. If you are traveling, you can get a list of available wireless networks in the area where you will be staying by entering the city, site or province and postal code for that are.

Sometimes when you connect to a wireless network you are promoted to enter a network key ( also called WEP key, or wired equivalency privacy key). This key is like a password that you need to gain access t the network in some cases, the key might be provides to you by the network administrator. I other cases, you might be asked to create a key.

Wireless Television

Wireless Keyboard


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